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Food was delivered in less than an hour which is what was advertised piping hot and in very large portions The delivery guy was very polite and friendly and the food was amazing and much more than I had expected Definitely will order from here again

Alex Smith-2020-01-04 14:08:48

I used to order from here food uses to be nice but now the service on phone I found not very welcoming and blunt felt like I was an inconvenience for phoning plus food was not nice and had hairs in pretty disappointed for paying for it

Charlene-2019-08-03 19:09:46

This is the worst place to get food expensive and tasteless small portions never again am I going there

Harry Gatehouse-2019-02-03 22:39:48

Put in order tonight 24 01 19 at 19 06pm when it arrived at 1 hour and 25 minutes later I wasn t impressed My online order came to 11 30 including delivery when delivered he said 12 30 and extra 1 Food dished up and started eating and it was STONE COLD RICE CHIPS CHICKEN BALLS AND SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE WAS LIKE WATER HORRIBLE TIME TO FIND NEW CHINESE

Deborah Badger-2019-01-24 20:45:47

I ordered a meal online and expected it to take no more that 1 hr however it arrived after 1hr 20 mins The quality of the food was excellent much better than where we normally go however the portion size of the crispy chilli beef was not a full portion it was only half the tray Our bill came to over 30 and I was under the impression that we would receive a free bottle of Diet Coke unfortunately this didn t arrive with our meal Due to the negatives of our meal not sure if I would order online again

Linda Marie Cullinane-2018-09-07 20:59:59

Lovely take away Have had food from them for a number of years and food as well as service always been excellent Keep up the great service

Nick-2018-08-10 16:39:02

Food was nice as usual over paid Online including delivery 13 10 at the door it was 10 Go figure Will still use because it s the only one in eastleigh I like

D-2017-09-21 22:30:38

My favourite Chinese takeaway in Eastleigh

Nicola-2017-08-20 19:27:03

Dish was tasty not too bad


Would definitely order again




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